22 , single an bored of it what am I doing wrong?

So I am single. Guys seem to only see me sexually. I don't flaunt my body or wear crazy tight clothes. I am a sensitive loving girl. Not always happy as I'm human.

I love spoiling a guy when I am taken. I give too much an don't receive. I have tried online full of fakes.

I seem to attract taken guys then end up growing feelings for them. Guys who are single I feel are for a reason as am I with my struggle to find a genuine person.

I have had 3 boyfriends one a liar , the other too young to commit an the other a wimp an coward. He lead me on for days cus he didn't have balls to say it's over.

I feel like I am not meant to settle down. Guys I meet just expect too much too soon. Or they approach in such a sleazy way. I have no guy mates an rarely go out so I feel like I got no chance to find anyone good


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  • So you don't want to be single, but you aren't meant to settle down. And yet you don't want a guy who's in the relationship for sex. That's what it sounds like you're saying. :)

    So that leaves guys who don't want to be with you long-term, yet who are not motivated by sex. Rare breed.

    Rather than being "spoiled," most good guys are looking for a girl with whom they could at least potentially have a long-term relationship. If you feel you aren't "meant to" have such a relationship, then that would be an automatic dealbreaker for most guys who aren't in it for the sex. That might be the issue.

    Just bear in mind that you can be the person in control of who you are, and what you're like. YOU decide what you are and are not "meant to" do and be. Good luck. :)

    • I don't want to be single but I feel due to my lack of finding someone decent maybe I am not meant to find happiness. A guy whose in a relationship just for sex is my point as that's what I have said above. An when I say spoiled I mean I know it's about give and take an not about being treated like some princess. Yeah very aware of that. I don't decide who I meet though

    • Okay. Look, long story short it's no surprise you're alone, and I'd say more but the incoherence and attitude here (and on the other question where I tried thoughtfully to help you) indicate that it would not be worth the effort.

      Given that the only person being harmed is you, though, at least no one else is being negatively affected. I hope you attain greater awareness with time. Best of luck.

    • Lol ok you had to get rude for no reason it's irrelevant what you say now as your just being a tool. if people don't agree with you you can't stand it get over it what I said wasn't rude at all it was said in all honesty an to state what I meant as you misunderstood

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