Girls, Idea for my girlfriend for 3-year anniversary?

I was thinking of ordering a scrap book with all of our pics over the years but any other ideas?


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  • Leave sticky notes everywhere of things you love about her! Don't write things that are forced or eh just to have more sticky notes, only do as many as you are really genuine about. she won't notice the amount but she'll notice if any are half-hearted.

    If you order a scrap book, I personally love Artefact Uprising. It's a company in Colorado that makes the most beautiful little books.

    Take her out to dinner at a new place! Or take her dancing!

    You know her best and you know what she likes. Just do that! It doesn't have to be fancy so much as thoughtful.

  • Personalized pillow or mug.

    I am doing the mug one for a friend, with our inside joke on it.


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