Is my guy best friend in love with me?

So I became best friends with this guy who was my senior at school. We used to talk all the time, act cute and yes we referred to one another as best friends but there was something weird like he would tell me 24/7 that he misses me etc. I recently broke up with my guy of almost 4 years and my best friend was too supportive and found out my lost self. I mean he made me feel so special. A few days back I told him that my ex boyfriend called me and we might meet in a few days. And since then has been acting so weird like he is ignoring me and not being himself when we talk. When I fight over it he just changes the topic. I am frustrated cause of my best friend now and I miss him so much and I loved the way he made me feel. God. I'm a confused wreck.

P. S: I'm still madly in love with my ex boyfriend.


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  • At your age, the answer is most definitely YES.
    I will take a moment of silence for my young brother in the friend zone.

    • I'm 19 now jbtw :( ignore the age there. I forgot to update it lol

    • My answer remains the same.

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  • Apparently he is.

    If you think you would have a future with your best friend, try to forget about your ex and give it a chance. If you think you can make it work with your ex boyfriend then try to completely cut it with your best friend.

    I understand how hard it might be for you, but believe me. I have been there, and i caused my best friend to hurt so badly when i started dating a guy.

    • My boyfriend broke up with me cause he was jealous of my best friend.
      Since we recently became friends and got too close and jbtw my boyfriend hardly gave me any attention or made me feel loved. Lol. So when he found out about my best friend he just acted like this.

    • Your boyfriend probably felt your best friend has feelings for you. Its your choice which one to pick, but i would suggest to leave the other one by himself and not hurt him more. I got to the point where i was in between my boyfriend and my best friend fighting each other and it was a nightmare.

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  • If he your ex was worth it he wouldn't be ex so you are just being retarded. As for the other guy its a typical friendzone story.


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