Why am I stuck on him?

Okay, so I have been best friend with this guy for years and we talked once in high school but decided to be friends. Nothing happened for another few years other than us being best friends until the kiss. We kissed, like it could be in the movies. I don't think I have ever felt this way and I have always wanted a guy to look at me the way he did during that time... but after that all I could get out of him was that we both wanted to and he doesn't want a relationship and we should go back to being best friends. Why am I still stuck on him? Am I crazy? Is it because I can't have him, or am I in love with the kid? S. O. S.


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  • Be realistic, you can't be best friends or even just friends after what happened. It proved you both got feelings. So you either try it out or keep the distance.

    • Why doesn't he want a relationship?

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    • Explain him that you can't be just friends anymore since you both apparently have feelings, but you would like to know about his reasons. Maybe he is just afraid and you can help him over come his fears.

    • Thanks for the MHO.

      Thats something you need to ask him about. He might have a wide range of reasons or he might simply be scared. Did you get a chance to speak with him since then?

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