Does She Like Me? Why Would She Text Me at 2am?

My friend Jess texted me at 2:15am saying "morning lol". I'm very confused since she's never texted me so early/late before, especially just to say good morning. What does it mean when people do this? Is she just being friendly or does she "like" me. I'm confused haha

**Background info on us**

She's a lesbian, I'm female and bi. She once asked me out over a text back in June but I turned her down since she's still getting over her breakup with her ex even though she denies it. Like she literally said 'do you have a boyfriend or gf? I don't like being single :(" Which felt a bit fake to me, why not ask me out because you 'like' me?

Anyway, she also texted me a few days ago with a music recommendation, but we ended up arguing about it -__-
And she'll ask me to go clubbing with her, or just to random places. But she's VERY flaky and will sometimes bail on plans, or ignore my texts.

I can't tell if she likes me as a friend, if she wants me to be rebound, or something else. :(


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  • She may like you, or she may have just wanted to communicate.

    There are a lot of people like Jess in the world, and most of the time I've found myself closing off communication with them because it just wasn't worth the bother.

    It's your call. Good luck. :)


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