Should I message him how I feel? What should I message him?

So I have known him for a while now. I met him maybe two years ago because one of my friends was seeing his friend. I always thought he was cute. I would see him here and there, usually when we'd be back in our home town over the holidays and going out to the bars, since were both away at school. We started talkig a bit more around new years and I actually meet up with him, with my friends and his friends. I ended up sleeping in a bed with him but nothing happend between us. I felt he did want something/ tried but I just didn't go for it, because I just started seeing someone else. We still talked here and there through out the year and he ended up moving to another city for work after we graduated. He came back last week for a festival and messaged me seeing if I wanted to do something. We went to a baseball game. I live right by the stadium, since I moved to the city so he came over first we caught up and had a few drinks, then headed over to the game to meet his two friends. We ended up kissing the entire game LOL and had a really great time together! We actually have a lot in common and great convos. We also came back to my place and he seplet over and we splet together. He stayed until noon the other day and it was still great! I feel we really hit it off! He went to the festival for the next few days and is flying back today! We have been messaging this whole time. He actually asked me why nothing happend over new years betwen us. He kept telling me he always thought I was gorgeous and had a bit of a crush, sort of like I did, I told him that too. The next time he comes back is Christmas and he's most likely staying for good! Anyways I really just want to say something to him along the lines that I had a really good time with him, and somthing "like wish you were staying".. suggestions? His flight is in an hour.. should I message him at all? if I do ahould I do it before he gets on the flight or after he's on the flight so he gets it when he lands? I dont want to look stupid or clingy.. do I?


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  • Well I guess the flight has come and gone but it would have been a good idea to reach out. Honesty is underrated.

    • I did reach out! He told me see you when im back and i replied with me telling him to have a safe flight, then later while he was on the flight i meesaged him saying: ill defiently see you wen your back and that i had a lot of fun with him, and said i wish he didn't have to go back

    • but he hasn't replied yet

    • I think you did the right thing. It's not easy for many guys to respond to a heartfelt communication like that. I'd just give him some time. :)

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