PLease help me! What do I do? I like her?

Okay, so long story short... I am an mma fighter. I have been going to this massage clinic and getting the same masseuse all the time.

She's my age and we joke and laugh so hard. We even flirt pretty hard too.

So she asked me for my number, sent me a selfie of her at a baseball game, openly told me she was single without me asking, and such. She even featured me on her work instagram.

Thing is, when I text her, she would hardly text back or not text back at all. It frustrates me because I try to build it up to ask her out.

Anyways, I'm done seeing her as a masseuse because I have strong feelings for her and this cat and mouse game sucks.

She doesn't know that I'm no longer seeing her anymore and I have a fight tonight. I am anticipating her to text me tomorrow.

Also, I know she has been on 2 dates with a guy.

What do I do? I don't want to move on! I like her!

Give me some advice. Anything other than moving on. Should I add her on Facebook?

What do I do?


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  • "Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for helping me recently. My injuries have healed and I am ready for the ring so I feel I have completed my therapy. It was really great getting to know you. I think you are a wonderful and interesting person and I would like to get to know you better on a personal level. You told me you are single. Since I am also single I was thinking maybe we could go out some time. I would love to take you out for dinner if you are interested!"

  • In your case I wouldn't worry about the guy! Be better than that guy and he can have 2 more dates and not get the girl. Some girls build further attraction through phone service, selfies, text, etc. you might not be building the right interest or attraction up for her with what you send. In person you guys had a great time while together, so I'd say one more visit to the massage clinic is necessary mate. Don't hesitate or play any games, shoot don't even wait for her to text. Even though I know you've tried texting and she barely responds, and it's frustrating, you have to go after her. Invite her to the fight maybe & please kickass haha. But just go talk to her.


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