Why did she do this? Please Answer?

I'm a guy and there's this girl Isabella who's my best friend's sister. She's been very nice to me and not bothered by my ugliness. I've never had a girlfriend and have been rejected twice, once last year and again this year on the last day of school. I hate everything about myself and I can't say I blame them for rejecting me. But Isabella doesn't seem to care that I'm ugly. If I could change it you know I would, but I can't all I can do is workout so that's what I do. Anyways, yesterday we went to Six Flags and we had a great time. I had their mom drop me off at my house and when I said bye to Isabella she hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. Why did she do that?


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  • Well she didn't kiss you on the cheek to bullshit you. She did it for a reason. Girls don't go around kissing guys on the cheek for shits and giggles. She did it cause she likes you. Dude, ask her out! If she says no than she was just being a jerk which I highly doubt she is. Plus, she would be missing out if she didn't say yes.
    For more advice go to how girls think on wattpad. It is by the wickedgirls.


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