Is it possible she's still interested?

Is it possible she's still interested?

For reference me and the girl I'm interested in are both sophomores in High School.

Long story short she liked me and I liked her but I didn't know she liked me. I made her feel rejected by walking away during a conversation she started due to my own confusion. Then I only learned she had been interested in May when my mom and her aunt talked about us.

I started talking to her again back in July around her birthday after I told her happy birthday. I wouldn't have done anything further but she texted the day after sending a picture of her schedule and asking if we have any classes together. We texted for a few days after and the enthusiasm that had been there when we'd first started talking seemed to be back. We really haven't talked much since mid-July though since there were summer reading projects and I had my wisdom teeth taken out.

My interest had also kinda waned over the summer, but as soon as I saw her in person again it's like it all came flooding back to me. Now I'm interested in talking to her again.

Thing is I don't know if she still retains any interest in me. Could it be possible that she's still interested in me?


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  • Yeah she could still be interested in you, just keep talking to her!

    • Only issue is I haven't talked to her in about a month and we only have one class with each other so it's difficult to find time during school.

    • You could always text her or call her after school and you could hangout with her during the weekends

    • Probably what I could do, I could also talk to her after school and ask if she'd like to go minigolfing or something like that.

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