What is your list of standards (in physical appearance) for dating?

I want to know wether my standards are shallow, normal, or lenient compared to other guy's standards. And i also want to know in general, how picky women are when it comes to appearance. Don't worry, i won't judge, and i won't call you shallow, i just want to know how much of a chance i stand, ya know?

Well anyways, please make a list of all the absolute must-haves in a potential mate, girls and guys.

Here is mine, if you are curious:
•pretty face
•shorter than me
•in the "average" weight range (meaning not significantly over/under weight)
•an above average butt

Also, one more question: Do you think my standards are too high? Normal? Too low? Shallow? Feel free to share :)


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  • I think what you expect from someone else, you should expect to provide for them in return. Like, if you expect a girl to be in the average weight range, then you should be as well. It's only fair I think... Anyways, strictly physical appearance wise, i like a guy who can style his hair/ has a good haircut... That's a big one. Also, general hygiene. Subtle clean smells like shampoo or detergent are nice, no need for cologne really. I also like it a guy has really striking sense of style, and pretty eyes... Many men tend to have gorgeous eye lashes... I find that super attractive. To sum up... If you are maintained and look like you care about your appearance, I'll probably be interested.


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  • nah you're standards are reasonable, and i'm betting many guys think like you
    -attractive (to me) face
    -taller than me
    -average body fat range... (i dont find 2% or 40% b. f. attractive)

    • That's understandable. But i can't compare it to much since nobody else bothered to answer so far 😅. Oh well

    • this does require more thought than some wish to give :P

  • -Any shade of brown
    -black hair
    -taller than me
    -larger hands than mine
    -husky build
    -handsome face


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