Should I go out with this guy or not?

There is this guy I've had a little crush on since my freshman year and ill be a senior now and we've hung out a couple times. A couple days ago, he asked me to be his girlfriend... over snapchat. That pissed me off. I turned him down because of this, but told him half the truth which is im not ready for another relationship right now because of depression, low self esteem, etc. What i did like, however, is that he said he thinks im the perfect girl for him and he wants to help me.

I talked to my dad and he said that since i dont have any other "prospects" (his words not mine) i should just go out with him.

There is one part of me thats wants to and another part that doesn't. I dont want to go out with a guy ill just end up breaking up with in a month. he's a typical football jock and seems to be a little more about himself than i like.

So my question is, from both guys and girls, should i go out with this guy or not?


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  • You COULD just tell him to ask you out in person. That'd be interesting.


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  • you'll never know if u don't try hunny. Go for it but before u say YES make sure he asks u out in person, whenever people ask me out over social media or not face to face i can't do it like u need to have the nerve to say it to my face or its going to be no, no matter who u are


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  • Judging from your description of him, and how he proposed to you on Snapchat of all places... No.

  • No, because there's no Chemistry between you. Also he sounds like a tosser.


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