Sex with 34 year old man?

I'm a 21 year old woman who's recently started talking to a 34 year old man. Things have been really great so far we have a lot in common and he makes me really happy. The only thing is I've only been with one guy and he was only 21 as well so the thought of being with a man quite a bit older makes me nervous but excited at the same time. What can I expect when it comes to sex with a 34 year old? Will he be turned off by my lack of experience? I just really want him to enjoy sex with me and not look at me like I'm some inexperienced youngin...


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  • He obviously likes you, and you like him. If you are inexperienced the key with guys is affection and enthusiasm. It should be an expression and enjoyment of love, not anxiety. Plently of kissing him all over, and eagerness to learnn and try new things, and you two will be fine.


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  • He's going to know and understand that you have less experience. Just be open to new experiences and trying new things and you'll be fine :)


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  • It''ll be totally different. After age 30 men's penii turn purple with orange polka dots. There is a global conspiracy to keep this a secret, I've been warned that it I told anyone, that they woul...


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