Are most guys babies when it comes to being sick?

So my boyfriend has the flu. He threw up a lot last night and the vomiting has slowed to every few hours now, but he's still not feeling good. He's been staying at my place and oh my god. He's such a baby about it. I stayed up all night with him last night rubbing his back and stomach and making sure he was okay. I don't mind because I love him and he does the same for me, but he's like an infant when he's sick! He doesn't even speak he just groans and there's been a couple of times when he hasn't made it to the toilet to throw up! Thankfully we don't have carpet lol but he's an actual man child right now.

Guys, do you turn into big sucks when you're sick?
Girls, are your boyfriends like this?


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  • When I'm sick, I usually just stay alone and remain independent. I don't really complain about it. For the really nasty sicknesses that make me throw up, I've always had a bucket nearby just in case to upchuck in. I may suggest that for your dude too in case he doesn't make it to the toilet. If you don't have a bucket, you can get them cheap at your local hardware store.

    When I am sick, I usually try and take it easy and sleep as much as I can. Oh, and I'll drink lots of soup. The only times I've ever bothered someone with my sickness to ask them for stuff was when I had some issue that screwed up my equilibrium and I couldn't walk.

    I don't really like complaining and bothering other people and I don't expect others to hang around me and possibly catch the disease. I sure don't want to hang around them when they're sick.


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  • That's why they have to call them "man colds" or "man flus". Some guys do okay with being sick, but other ones are just... ridiculous. Like in my house we would all get the same colds, but heaven forbid if my step dad or brother got sick. It was automatically worse than anything anyone else had gone through and couldn't be compared even though the rest of us had been sick earlier in the week or whatever.


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  • Personally, I hate people being around me when im sick. Much less touching me and talking to me. I'd rather be miserable alone. That being said, it doesn't mean i'm not a baby, I just am a baby by myself. lol

  • What do you expect him to do? Act like he's not sick? Throw up in his mouth and then drink it? You sound like a bitch.

    • Not at all. I stayed up all night with him and rubbed his back and stomach while he threw up. I just think it's funny that he's usually such a tough guy but needs me to hold him when he pukes. It was more of a funny observation- I don't care if he's sick and I don't mind looking after him.

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    • I'm not bitter, I'm just defending your man from your bitchery. He deserves a woman who won't call him names behind his back when he's down and out sick.

    • Wow. He'll actually be the first to tell you he's a baby about it. Don't be so nasty- find another post to troll.

  • No, I hate being mothered when I'm sick, so I become a hermit for a day to get over it...


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  • Oh yeah. My guy is the BIGGEST baby with those things. Lawwdy

  • Having flu is really unpleasant. He is prolly not used to getting sick a lot.


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