Girls, Should I wait for her?

My best friend and I have known each other for years, and we have both confessed our feelings for each other. When we talked about getting together or sleeping together in the past, she has been afraid that what we have is nothing but sexual tension and once either happen everything would change between us. We almost slept together years ago, I would've been her first, but we were interrupted. I never thought so, and we talked more about it. As the years have gone by we each dated and did our own thing. (She moved away, but we kept in touch. She moved back) Right now both of us are single and have readily discussed this many times recently. We have mutually agreed to wait till we're older, our reasoning being that we're perfect for each other and would obviously settle down together. But being that we're barely in our twenties we want to go out and experience life. Recently, like the last month or so, we've been acting more 'couply'. When we're alone, we kiss and stuff, (we've cuddled and slept in the same beds for years) and when we say goodbye we most often kiss. This is bringing up all of those emotions in me that I've pushed down and I can't do it anymore. I want to be with her now but she doesn't want to be with me now. Should I wait for her or should I try and find happiness somewhere else?
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  • You can wait but you will just be wasting your time


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  • It's not fair for her to do this to you

  • Move on...


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