He isn't serious about me right?

I have been dating this guy since January 2015. So about 7 months now. Two months into dating he found out this girl was pregnant. He told me right away and I decided to keep dating him since the girl doesn't live in the United states and he said it was nothing just an old ex girlfriend.

Months es went by and by may I started freakinfg out because I was catching more feelings for him. So I broke it off because he told me he wanted to be with his kid but he only way was marrying the girl and bringing her here to the United states.

A couple of weeks went by and we both missed eachother. My bday came up and he asked to see me and gave me a gift. And it felt like things went back to being how they used to. Even better things became more official.

Now ow the baby was just born 3 days ago and he didn't go for the birth. He said it was too much money to travel to not really spend time with his son. He is going in October. I asked him what was going to happen with us and he said he doesn't know. But the only option is to bring them here.

Ps the girl says they are together but I don't understand how they can be. He travels there ones every 2 years and he says they aren't really. And if he decides to be with her it's only for the kid not because he loves her.

I love him and I have been supportive and not bringing up the subject much but it's killing me to know that it can end as soon as he goes there. I wish he would chose me and I'm not sure what to do. He says he is confused and that hurting me.


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  • Woww this is bull. You dont have to be with your baby's mom, you can still raise the child together without being a couple. If I was you, I woyld break it off. He's playing with the two of you

  • Sorry to say girl but he does not love you. It is obvious he really wants to be with his baby momma. No it is not JUST BECAUSE OF THE KID, if that was the case he would have fought custody over the kid, how can a man marry a women he does not love? if that were really the case why are there so many single moms out there? If he really wanted to be with you he would have made it work. I am VERY sorry about your situation. Please keep your head held high and search for a guy who is actually worth your time.


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