Is it a good idea for guys to talk to friend zoned girls about their dating life or lack of one?

Is it a good idea?
  • It's a good idea, they can support you or help you out if you're struggling
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  • Bad idea, they'll tell everyone about how pathetic you are or how you're still thinking about the girl who rejected you 2 years agi
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  • I consider it a bad idea but not for the reason you mentioned.


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  • My advice, stop giving a fuck what the girls think about you, ask them if it helps, though girls give shit advice about girls, because they think too emotionally, and anything they say will be directed to not hurting your feelings, wether it's true or not

    • I don't ever listen to advice from them. I just tell them to make myself feel better and take their girly support. Because if I tell a guy, he just says what you said which is true but 1- I already knew all that and 2- it just lowers your confidence.

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    • Yes it helps me but obviously I don't want to overdo it that they get annoyed and start telling friends or start seeing me as a serial moaner or whiner.

    • It's hard getting the right balance.

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  • Them thinking you're pathetic is how you come off. If you proactively whine you'll look like a baby. Only talk about it if they ask and just say that you're not in a relationship and if they ask why you just answer with you haven't found the right people. Then they might be supportive or do the whole setting up with friends thing.

    • Yeah but that's just a matter of wording. I'm sure it would look pathetic Tia juice if you say "I'm so pathetic, my confidence is really low, I met a girl 4 years ago and I can't stop thinking about her"

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    • Well yeah don't say that. No one really likes being around someone that just feels sorry for themselves.

    • But if you mention it briefly and logically.

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