I'm confused... Please help... I want him so bad?

I have known this guy since I was 15, he was the first guy I experience everything with. We been knowing each other for 20+ year. We both we're married at the time we ran into each other years ago.. he's still married I'm single. No matter what we can't let each other go. He's my first love he will always have a piece (not all) of my heart. We still communicate. Do you think were wrong for talking to each other? Do u think he will leave her? (even If he's screaming he's not happy) Do u think we might have a future together? Please keep it real. Nobody perfect. Thanks in advance.


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  • No I don't think you should now at this time (when he's already married) come between then this will spoils their relationship, sry bt you can't do anything till they decides to get divorce in future or kill her 😉(just kiddin)


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  • Does he have children?

    • Not with he.

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    • Not with her

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