Girls seriously no bs?

My ex was 18. We been on/off after hs because of college. We been together almost 2 years so we're now 20. We never had sex because she said she was a virgin and wanted to wait. We just got back for the 10th time but only this time we was off for a year. I wanted to find out if she had sex with someone else without making it obvious since it's been a minute. I first asked if she's seen anyone? She said "yes but nothing serious". I then asked how far she got with them and she kept quite and moved her eyes side-side. She will also speed walk/sprint and cover her ears to get away from me. She never answered it and that same night she dumped me.

Do you think she did something in the "nothing serious dates" judging from her body language? she deff looked uncomfortable.


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  • could you really be THAT naiv? Sweety, the odds that something more than kissing happened in this year are pretty high.
    She probably thought it will be an issue for you if she said yes, so seems like she took the easy way out and broke up again.
    If the answer were a no it should have been easy to just say "no nothing happened"

    Let's assume she is not a virgin anymore. Is that a problem for you? If not, just let her know that you are OK with it. (I hope it's not an issue for you, a year is a long time. Especially at 19-20 years old)


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  • maybe she did.. or maybe she fell hard for that person.. and now she is heart broken cuz it did not work out..

  • Why do you want to know? Obviously, she doesn't want to tell you, but yeah I think she found someone else. It happens, its college.


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