Two guy dilemma?

my coworkers convinced me about a month and a half ago to go on a date with a friend of theirs. We texted for about a week or so and he seemed like a nice person. The day of the date we went to the mall, had lunch then he dropped me off so that I could get ready for the night. When he picked me up we went to his niece's birthday party. It was a really nice time, although most of the time I felt like He was just showing me off. At the party I saw this guy named Alex and we had a few conversations while my date was walking around & he seemed to have seen me somewhere. I didn't pay any mind to him but it got me thinking as well. After the party my date took me to his friends apartment for whatever reason which I found out later he wanted to have sex eventhough i told him i wanted to go home, (not looking for an excuse but I had a little too much to drink) and we ended up having sex. Instantly felt horrible about myself the next day but I kept talking to the kid. But then I actually had conversations with him & they were just weird & he seemed too controlling. So I just stopped talking to him. One time he even told me to open up my facebook I did what he asked since I thought he was going to show me something, he ended up looking up Alex's name on my Facebook whih is weird since I never spoke about Alex. Well about 2 weeks ago Alex wrote to me on Facebook asking me how I was and all that then asked me if I was with the kid. I told him that I knew they were friends but I didn't like the way he talked & the way he wanted to control people. He told me that they weren't really friends more of acquaintances through other people. He told me that he had told him he had a crush on this girl from Facebook before he even met me& it ended up being me. He did ask me if I had done anything with him & i completely denied it & said no. I don't know if it is okay to see where things go with Alex or not? We've been talking for about 2 weeks aince Im out of th


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  • Go and see where it might lead


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