DO you think guys date their " mothers" ?

Alright, so there seems to be some 'scientific evidence' that guys date woman who have similarities as their mother. DO you agree? Would you think that the attributes that we take on are more from the parental figure we are closer to? DO you think genetics play a role?

I'm curious. I saw a friend with his new girlfriend an she has similarities with how she is as a personality as his mother.. and also we is similar with how she looks to his mom as well. I think its weird.

just curious on everyone else's thoughts!


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  • Mothers are women too, as much as I might not want to admit it at times. Some may gravitate towards certain personality and physical traits their mothers have, but then again they are women the same as the rest of them. I really take no stock in it, and I personally am attracted to almost everything opposite on and in women than what my mother possesses. You could look to almost anything, if you look long enough, and find some similar pattern that you could assume is always true, doesn't mean a darn thing.


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  • That's definitely not true in my case

  • I would never date anybody who had any similarities to my mother other than she's a female.


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