Was I just a one night stand?

We had a great day for our first date, hanging out, shopping, meal, etc, but slept together that night. He's recently divorced and 38 years old, so I didn't think he wanted to get married to me, but I thought he would want to hang out again. No call or returning my email for 2 weeks.

I sent him a Merry Christmas email a few days ago, and hadn't heard back.

Today, he sent me a text saying " ; ) Merry Christmas Cool Chick!"

I responded back with "back atcha crazy boy! Hope you're having fun". and left it at that. I don't want to be too forward with it, since I thought he was ignoring me.

UGH! What is he doing? Does he just want to be friends? Have another "sex date" (bootie call?) or see if I'm still interested? WHAT?

I do like him, but do NOT want to play into his games.

  • He's just being nice and responding to you. Don't think he likes you or he'd call.
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  • He's seeing if you are still interested. It's just an ego booster for him.
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  • He's casually interested. Let him make the next move.
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  • He is interested. Guys that you sleep with don't text if they don't want you in their life.
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  • You're definitely in his FRIEND ZONE....he called you "cool chick".
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  • You'll pretty much have to dance to his tune for a while to determine his intentions.

    Be ready to run if he's just interested in sex.


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  • Don't waste too much time on him. Guys are fairly simple to figure out. If he wanted to see you, he would call. And if he doesn't call, then he obviously isn't what you need. Don't settle for someone who MIGHT call, you'll only waste time and energy if he doesnt. To be perfectly blunt about it...and I'm quoting Sex and the City here... its the SEX on the first date CURSE. Don't sell yourself short worrying about him. ITS HIS LOSS...

    • Wow, I like your comment about not settling for someone who MIGHT call. How true is THAT?!! Yeah, typically the sex/1st date thing doesn't help, but I think he is lookin for that fun/non-committal stuff anyway, just being divorced. Oh, and I didn't mention, but he is a Marine Officer, and I don't date military guys usually, but have heard that they are bigger players than anyone. I'll have to let my curiosity go, and chalk it up to a fun time, and move on. Thanks. Happy holidays.

  • well in my opinion he is just texting you to see how long you will deal with it, which seems like he's just the 1 for the booty calls.