Fell in love with a guy good bit older than me?


am writing to ask you all for advice. While ago my friends employer wrote to me asking if I could help him around the yard with horses. Since I am working with horses long time i said its not a problem. When I arrived to the stables he was really nice and friendly. I had some troubles with the horse and he was helping me, asking questions bout me etc. When i left he started to message me on facebook asking if i can meet him. I didn't pay much attention back then and always said I was busy. However, few days ago I said ill meet him and to be honest it was best day of my life. I started to fall for him!!! He was funny, lovely, we were holdin hands, kissing etc. just am worried he wnt take me seriously since i am like 10 years younger. After all that he message me a bit less but I just think he is busy as always. But anyway, I would like to ask him to meet me this time and am afraid he will say no and i will look desperate or push him too fast to b in a relationship. I really started to like him and we get on really well thats why am asking you for questions. Any idea what to do?
I wrote to him today bout 30 min ago. No answer... I messaged his fon cause the whole week he is not on fb almost at all... I guess he is working really hard in the yard. What can i do nw? Just wait? Its just too stressfull nw with waiting :(


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  • GIve it a few days and then text him. That being said, I'm 30 and 21 just seems too young for me, but it kinds depends on the girl and the guy as well. I'm thinking 24-25 would be about as young as i'd go.

    • I know i also feel like i am too young for him, but he doesn't seem to b bothered by my age. He said he's happy his friends and my friends know we went for date etc But as i keep sayin im afraid he wnt take it serious.

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    • Another approach is to put a little back on him...

      "Hey Bill, I really had a great time last week, i'd like to do something again, what do you think?" Kinda lets him feel his way around to an answer, but still gets the point across.

    • Haha that was good one and made me laugh heh which is good :) ya thats weird that if ur confident u dnt seem desperate buy guess ur right anyway :) ya i was thinkin bout textin sth like " hey gonna b in xxxxx again this weekend was wondering if u want to meet up?" We live like 2 hours away from each other at the moment. But your one sounds better hm

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  • I would say that's okay, unless he has a problem being with a person 10 years younger to him but it's good you are not a teenager anymore or at least that's what your profile says, so it should be fine. How do you feel around him, vulnerable, secure?

    • Well im 21. in November 22. He doesn't seem to have problem with seein me. Well i feel like i can tell him anything. We have same interests laugh at same jokes I couldnt ask for better guy. But am afraid the age difference will make him not takin me seriously

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    • Yes, I can give you some suggestions, hints at least that will help you manage things despite your concerns of age difference.

    • Go ahead so :) how to ask him bout Thursday not to look desperate? I know what to do when we see each other but just the fact of askin. And managin to meet with him again. My friend that works for him said that he sees there is sth between us cause he told my friend we met. So my friend said to me that i should ask him for full time job so ill b around all the time but i dnt really want to do it. Cause it will change everything.

  • so he basically did what any other guy would do/act and you fell that hard for him?

    is this your first rodeo?

    • Thats not the only reason... We know each other a wee bit now... And no its not:/

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  • That isn't even much of a difference

  • Well, I am 24 and my boyfriend is 33. He is a bit serious but really caring and amazing. He knows what he wants and would not beat around the bush for it.

    • Thats nice though :) he's not that serious heh he likes to make jokes and b silly time to time thats why i like him loads. His father saw us together in the club which he owns and just smiled asked how am i and all. Many people saw us and he didn't seem to b ashamed more proud so i guess im really over reacting

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    • Thank u :) thats nice of u :) ill sure he used to ask always guess its my turn :)

    • Yes woman up and ask him ;) Good luck

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