Why is this girl ignoring me now, wtf?

So, we went on a date the other day, and, I thought we both had a pretty good time, right? So, later on I tried talking to her and asked if she's available some other day and she said she wasn't and then just completely ignored me. Sure, I didn't go in for a hug or kiss or whatever, but, that was more of a circumstantial thing, we were on the train and she got off before I thought she would. So, why is she ignoring me now? by the way, if she is then, I suppose I'll never speak to her again, I'm not the type to a lot second chances, I'm a one and done kind of guy.


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  • I like the part when you said " I'm a one and done kind of guy. " Im like this too but as far as I see she is not interested or just playing stupid, childish games and its not worth your time. Clearly you are very mature and you dont want to waste your energy and feelings on a girl like her, I think you should leave her alone.


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  • If you are a one-and-done kind of guy, why are you asking this question? To thine own self be true!

    • I know, I seek the true answers of nature before I commit mine self to any given decision

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    • What did you feel (not what did you think) when you realized she was ignoring you?

    • "Fuck, what did I do this time" I mean, I'm getting so used to it it doesn't effect me that bad, like, as long as I have other options

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