Boyfriend constantly looks at his suggested friends on Facebook? Why? Is it wrong? Would it bother you?

He's commented to me before 'my suggested friends is always just full of lasses' as though it's a bad thing but then constantly looks on his suggested friends.
even sent me a screen shot of one of his 'suggested' today of a woman fully naked and exposed and said it was 'vile'

i really don't understand why he needs to keep looking on his suggested friends..


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  • Um... When I read the title of your question, I said "of coarse not" but then I read the details lol. It's only in your suggested friends if you already have added friends like that. He probably has a lot of these "lasses" on his friends list already and talks to them on facebook. He wants to be honest with you, but at the same time he doesn't. So he lets you know about his suggested friends, but doesn't tell you that he talks to them or checks them out. Maybe you should do some snooping and see what you find. My intuition (which is never wrong) is telling me that in your particular case, he's hiding something. Matter of fact, call me a psychic because just how strong my intuitive sense is. He's doing inappropriate things with these girls on facebook.

    • He's playing a game and trying to be smart, but most women are smarter when it comes to games. He's trying to "show" you how vile and disgusting he thinks that it is, because in actuality he doesn't find it vile at all, but he doesn't want you to get suspicious, so he's trying to play it off as if he is not interested in this. Keep in mind that facebook only suggest people who are similar to people you ALREADY added. He is ALREADY adding females like this.

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    • I was with my ex fiancĂ© for three years and he never got away with anything because men suck at lying. They usually always set themselves up to get caught. Private message me. I can help you out. RULE #1... NEVER ask a man about his internet behavior because then he will lie and try to hide it... I had two ex's, try to prove to me that they weren't talking sexually to other women on facebook, by erasing their messages FIRST, and then showing me... I didn't fall for that. Men maybe sneaky, but not too many of them are smart about it... I can help you find out what is going on, but as of now and from what you told me, he is hiding something and trying to reassure you that he isn't. Basic human psychology, he wouldn't bring it up if he weren't paranoid that you'd eventually grow suspicious.

    • I tried to pm u it said I need to be level 2 to pm :(

  • I don't think this is a big deal. I wouldn't think twice about it


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