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So there's a guy that I work for. he's very nice and a bit older than me. Once I went up to him to ask him a question and when I said his name, he smiled at me and looked my whole face up and down. Another time my bra strap fell down and when I was pulling it back up, I looked up and he was staring at me. He knows that I want to be a surgeon some day and I told him that I couldnt operate on people that I know because my hands would shake. He asked if my hands would shake if I operated on him and I said yes. Everyday he would keep asking me this. On my last day there I went to hug him goodbye and when I was putting my arms around his waist he pulled me in hard and rested his chin on my head and called me his little scientist. He watched me drive away (my friend was driving) and as we drove away he yelled out goodbye to me. Sometimes I go back to work to visit and he always brings up the hand shaking thing.


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  • Sounds like he has the hots for you. If you're into him, then good luck. If you're not, then I'm sorry.


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  • He's attracted to you.


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