Should I go through with this or is this cringeworthy and awkward?

I'm 22 and she's 21 and she works at a grocery store. we have never met in person before fyi

to sum it up, i got this girls number off of okcupid and she seemed interested and down to meet. fast forward a bit, i was at a concert hanging out with a friend i haven't seen in a long time AND i saw her there too. i texted her that i saw her and i asked her if she's comfortable with me saying hi and meeting her now, she said sure, i told her i'll be over there when im done catching up with my friend

she left early unfortunately, we talked a bit more over text and she told me she works a lot and i asked her in the most non threatening non creepy way possible if she'd be comfortable with me going to her work one day and saying hi to her and introducing myself. she replied she's fine with that

i kinda thought about it though and it seems very cringe worthy and awkward to ask to meet someone at their work. but if she wasn't interested she would say no/make an excuse or just ignore me right? anyway i was thinking at the very least maybe i could buy her a pack of her favorite ciggerates to drop off with her at her work as a small parting gift.

Anyway thoughts? should i do all this or nah?
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  • Go for it.


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  • See.. to be frank.. I think that you should never put yourself in a dilemma. Now.. anywhere down the line if you face a choice.. JUST DO IT. They say that live life with no regrets. Why should you? Take the chance brother.. If she likes you.. you win. If she doesn't like you.. you DONT LOSE. You wouldn't have been with her anyways if you dropped the ball, right? Do you know how many nice potential love stories never happen because people hesitate? Don't be that guy who spends sleepless nights thinking ' what if that day I.. '. Don't be that guy. I have been that guy. Feels horrible. Just take a chance.. I swear it'll be worth it. Amen brother.


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  • Dont ask, just do it next time.


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