What is the best way to break it off with an online guy when my friend met somebody in real life?

My friend is not a member of this site and doesn't want to sign up but she needs advice on a matter... She has been talking to this guy she met on a dating site since May. While they got along fine, in many ways, she did not feel right about him. She wasn't sure about chemistry. Though he lives in the area, they have not met face to face yet. Now, there's this guy she knows at work. The two of them both started this job at the tail end of last year. Being that he has another job and this is just his extra job, he's very part time. Until more recently, she hasn't been seeing him much. In recent history, they been working shifts together more often and really hit if off. She really likes him and feels strong chemistry with him. She really wants to see how things go with him. This online guy is gung-ho about going with her but she doesn't like him that way. What would be the best way to end things with him and not hurt his feelings? In my opinion, you can't fully trust somebody you only know online. Especially when there's somebody that she actually does know face to face and really gets along great with.
We meant to ask, what is the best way to break things off without the guy without being hurtful?
with the guy I mean!


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  • Maybe just tail the contact frequency off and drift away.. She could then say that circumstances have changed and she doesn't see a way clear to continue with the relationship


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  • the good thing about it being online is that she can just block him and pretend he never existed.


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