Should I send her Flowers?

So, I was involved with a woman who was older than me I was 23 she was 36... for 2 months we had many great times together we went out to clubs, restaraunts, my house, her house.. all that good stuff. I'm not gone lie from the jump she told me she had recently got out of a bad relationship and they do still talk from time to time but I didn't care because I was having fun and when we were together it was just us... so Long story short.. she ended up moving back in with her ex because she couldn't afford her own place. I asked her was truly happy and she said no but she had to do what she had to do. (Cuz she had nowhere else to go) she also made it clear that she cared about me a lot but she can't continue to see me because feelings wold just get deeper and that I was to young and we were in two different places in life... I accepted it, I didn't sweat her. She told me if only she was younger or I was older because I have everything a girl would want! but Its been almost 3 weeks and I think about her. we had a great connection, it was awesome. my questions is, should I seND her Flowers.. I'm in the Military and will be leaving the state soon. I plan on sending them anonymously but put something in there that will make her think it was me. I also think twice about sending her flowers though because if she really cared about me.. and she knows I'm leaving soon... wouldn't she contact me? I just need some second opinions?


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  • she would contact you if she cared. dont send her flowers.


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  • I wouldn't recommend sending flowers. I'm sure she'd love it, but right now her situation seems to require things going smoothly between her and her ex. I don't know exactly what their situation is, but an ex is an ex for a reason. I believe you still have a shot, though a long one. age isn't a factor when it comes to love! As long as you are on somewhat similar maturity levels, things can work out nicely between the two of you. 13 years is no big deal, trust me. If she truly cares about you, I believe she'll look past the age difference. It could actually work in your favor, since the trend these days is older women dating younger men.

    I'd recommend contacting her, because women often play the more passive role. She could be waiting on you. Do it.


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  • dont send her anything.


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