Wants to Hang Out as Friends?

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*asked him if he wanted me yes or no and his response:

1.He says he wants to hangout but doesn't want to be with anyone at the moment

2. Wants to hangout as friends and have fun(begged to be friends and sounded like he meant it)

(we we're never technically dating so it can't really be a breakup or can it?)


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  • it means he doesn't want to date you, he just wants to be friends. he's not interested. and if you're not technically dating, then it's not a breakup. you can't end something that never really was.

    • Found out when he said this he got back with his ex again for like the millionth time

      fyi we've gone out b4 just casually and he's wanted sex but never gotten it

    • He sounds like a winner. I think it's time to close the chapter on him and move on to bigger and better things...

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