Help with this girl?

I'll try to be brief. She's a single mother, We're both 23. I've never dated a single mother before and made that clear, she was fine with it. Our first date she couldn't find a sitter and said she'd rather bring her daughter along than cancel, so I hesitantly agreed.

Things weren't that bad at all, and damn do I like her. She seemed real into me too... She asked me to spend the night, so I did. We fooled around but she didn't want to go all the way so soon, and I was fine with that. Hung out all day, then when I was getting ready to leave she gave me the "oh well I don't want you driving home so late." So I spent the night and we ended up having sex.

I left mid day and we texted throughout the day. We talked two days later, she said she really wanted to see me again. Then I didn't hear from her for a few days. She got in touch and said she's been busy. We made plans for the next day, she canceled, and we talked for bit.

That was the last I heard of her. It's been a week and I'm just completely baffled. While hanging out she kept emphasizing that she only likes to date one person, and kept talking about all these things she wanted to do with me in the future. There were a few signs of insecurity that I caught about my intentions but I reassured her in every way I could think of. All that I know is that her ex left her because of her kid, and I have had previous girls tell me that my intentions seemed too aloof or I seemed like a player... That or she played me and is doing the same thing with another guy. Which, normally I'd say is the case, but without going into detail I really don't think that's the case.


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  • You've tried to get in touch with her since?

    • Of course. The day of our plans I was a little rude saying it's not right to ignore someone. Then the next day I got a message saying her service was suspended. So I sent a fb message just basically saying I felt a strong connection, but inoring someone is disrespectful and communication is key. She's been active the lasr day or so but still hasn't read it... I thought maybe she had blocked my #, but that seems a tad extreme, especially since we're still friends on facebook. Like I said, normally by this point I'd have just cut my losses, but there was a genuine connection that she even elaborated on.

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    • True. I wouldn't have considered it ignoring either if we hadn't made plans for that specific day. That's sort of what did it in for me. And I did include that, actually. "ignoring someone is disrespectful. I'm not saying you didn't have a good reason, and I know you're very busy, but communication is key to a successful relationship. So let's talk about things."

      Her sudden just drop off seems so odd. The night she canceled I went out with friends and she sent me a sexy bathroom pic... not something you'd think someone would do if they were planning on dropping someone. But, as you said, the ball is in her court now... Meh.

    • ... yeah, that's confusing... hope it works out!

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