I want to be with her but she's so innocent?

there's a girl I like and I talk to her and we hang out a little but we never were alone. She never seems to be bored near me when we see each other but I just can't really get her.
She never texts me first but when we talk she talks with me very good, not just one word answers but a really nice conversation. But the problem in my opinion is that she's so innocent. I don't believe she ever had a boyfriend and I just don't know how to play with that.
I never had a girlfriend too but I had close calls with girls because they were much more open minded people.
Maybe she's just not interested in me or in relationship?
Maybe I should try something different?
I'm willing to try and shit because I really like her.
Help will be appreciated.


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  • you should go for someone else.

    • Can you just say why?
      I just would like to her an opinion with a little more explanation

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  • You're fucking lucky to find an innocent. I thought my crush was a innocent, new-ish loner girl, but ever since I learned she has a Twitter I'm realizing she's pretty much a party animal. At least with her friends.

    So ask her out.

    • Asking her out is the easy part
      The hard part is how to talk with her show her that im interested and make her interested if she's not
      My game is the weak part

    • By asking her out. If you want, tell her how you feel near the end of the date.

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  • There is no such thing as an innocent

    • she's never been to a party
      Talking about sexual things in her presence feelis weird
      she's not interested in drinking before 18
      she's barely going out
      Of fucking course there's such thing as an innocent

    • So she's never lied , never done a wrong in her life

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