So I was talking to girl then all of a sudden she told me she's leaving to go to foreign country for a while?

i've known this girl for a while now and meet her last summer at a restaurant/bar i go to often. our friendship has had its us and downs and things between never exactly clear and often been a challenging friendship to maintain. so with that in mind i really liked this girl and kept trying to be friends with her cause i felt she was someone special to me.
at the moment she is working a summer job at a restaurant and i didn't expect her to stay there once summer ended ( as she only seasonally lives here ) and she might still be doing something at school although i think she graduated.
but to get to point i was talking to her last night and it was sort of an odd encounter and near the end of our conversation she told me she was leaving the country and going to spain to travel all of a sudden cause a friend of her's was allready over there. so i'm not sure if she is leaving rate away or leaving in a few weeks or if i will even see her again and that conversation was good bye as they say? and i'm having a hard time even digesting this as it was rather sudden although i was preparing myself for her to leave but not till end of summer this is a bit sooner than i had though and i know that i will really miss her


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  • try to talk to her as much as you can.

    • i did the night she told me that but I had to leave the bar early cause I had work the next day , I tried to talk to her and get more out of her but was only so much I could say at that time

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