Just met this guy I've been talking to online... And I'm not sure if he's interested?

So we talk pretty consistently during the day but than right around 6/7 he stops texting back. We went on a date the other day and each day afterwards he tries to stop by and see me for a brief moment and than he makes a comment (if in the AM) he has to go to work I get it. (If in the PM) he says he has to get going cuz he goes to bed early and has things to do. We have not had sex and he doesn't even try but we did kiss for the first time today when he came over in between PT and going back to work. He always stays over about an hour or so and we talk cuddle watch a movie. He says he just always falls asleep as soon as he gets home after work for why he doesn't text at night. I made a comment about his crappy texting (jokingly) and he said it gets better over time. Is he still nervous and unsure? Should I be patient-I'm a night owl and he already admits he's not. He's always nervous around me but always a gentleman and very polite. (I know this is a little confusing but hopefully you have enough to advise me about what's kinda going on?)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • This is One of the few of Toms who is an Extraordinary Text tom, @Itsjustkeytme, and I see no need to be a worry wart on your own end because as long as this Guy is Giving it his Try at keeping in touch, the Other times he feels he Needs for himself before laying his head on his pillow.
    Everything sounds with the writing on the wall and all like he is caring, considered and a Perfect date mate for you. He is not giving you lame duck excuses, even makes an effort to drop to see you here, dear. You Appear on his Top List, not putting you on Any Pay no mind list.
    Keep it flowing and going. Nurse and nurture something special that you both have sizzling, and in time, for I believe it's the Respect of Someone whom he really Likes, that is giving him the jitters and it's hard to handle it. He wants to show you he this good guy and is making a good impression.
    As you both learn more and more about one another, he probably won't feel so ill at ease but for now, he is Being this Perfect Gentleman, Easy to Please.
    Rest Easy now, sweet dreams and know this One could be a Keeper.
    Good luck. xx

    • Actually everyone he definitely wound up married. Didn't see that turn of events coming. Lol moving on 😉

    • lol... Wow, @Itsjustkeyitsme, you sure do find out Fast and with this you see that with a little time you found out more in store. Thank you for the vote of confidence, it was good while it lasted. Move on and plenty of other fish in the sea for thee.:)) xxoo

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What Guys Said 1

  • Yes , be patient it seems like the guy is busy with work

    • Tell him when he has free time could you two spend it together

    • Thanks. And he does try n come over whenever he can. Like today he texted me and asked if he gets out of PT again tomorrow should he come over again? And he knows I'm not looking for a hook up or temporary fling...

    • Your welcome :)
      Yes he does sound like a nice guy
      maybe give him some time and just
      see what happens and good luck ;)

What Girls Said 1

  • He acts interested in you.


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