How come guys never like me, and only the crazies try to pursue me?

I find every time I meet a decent guy I would give a chance, they just disappear and find someone else. I meet a lot of guys, I do get hit on a lot. But men usually just want to have sex with me. I am smart, I have a good job, I get along with lots of people easy. I'm very easy going and I try to understand everyone and I'm always smiling and I'm always nice to everyone. Even if I'm having a bad day, I always leave my house smiling at everyone and being nice. I take care of myself and I work out a lot... but I just don't get it.

My friends pointed out that I always go for the wrong guy.. but I never admit to anyone why... the reason is that they're the only guys that ever try to pursue me. All the good guys I like usually cut me off and I always find out they're dating someone else.

I don't sleep around, so I usually hold out for sex. Twice I slept with a guy on the first date, and the two other times I waited months.. they both had the same result and all four guys turned out to be crazy.

I've also tried to pursue guys and tell them how I feel about them, etc. and that doesn't work. And again they always end up with someone else.

I just feel so sad and hurt and I don't ever see myself with anyone because that's how my life has been. I don't even consider any of the guys I dated to be boyfriends cus they were such dysfunctional relationships..


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  • i think when you stop looking for one, you'll find one.


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