Is it okay to be touchy with a guy but then nor date him?

There is this guy who I meet everyday without my parents knowing. I like to spend my time with him. He tries come closer to be , physically. He holds my hands , sleep on my lap, tickle me and tries to hug me too. I don't wanna date anyone currently. He is 22 and I'm 16. How do I explain to him that I don't wanna date anyone but I don't mind being very close to a person like this , If at all he asks me out. He has had many girlfriends and I never had a boyfriend. And should is it okay if we r very touchy with each other?


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What Guys Said 1

  • It's called leading him on and it's not okay.

    • What does leading someone on mean? And why is it not okay?

    • It means you're making them think you like them and you really don't. Guys can get hopeful.

What Girls Said 1

  • i think its fine.

    • I'm scared that if he asks me out and ill have to say no , which I think will ruin our friendship

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