What does it mean when a guy you just met takes you on really nice dates?

I met him twice at a coffee shop and have been on 2 dates with him. We try to see each other once a week. I am just wondering if it means anything if a man takes you on really nice dates. We have another one planned this week and he is taking me to a Brazilian steakhousen which is kinda pricy. I am just wondering if this is normal. This man is 12 years older than me and we really don't talk to each other throughout the week, mostly texting. We have not had sex or anything either, mainly just kissed. I am just wondering if this is typical of an older man. I find it hard to really get to know him per se because he doesn't like to text. The only time we text is when he wants to meet up. I also know he is introverted as well.


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  • Yeah, he is just acting his age, taking it easy /taking his time getting to know you better..
    And he knows the phone is mainly for making appointments, not chit chat


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  • He likes you and he wants to impress you


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