Guys, What are things you would prefer in a woman out of the things I listed?

Here are the questions:

1. What color eyes would you prefer?
2. Tall (ex:5'8") or Short (ex:5'2")?
3. Slender or a bigger butt?
4. Pale or tan?
5. Silly or more serious?
6. What clothing style?
7. Girl who is bland/silent or an awkward girl?
8. Favorite thing about a girl?


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1. Brown or darker colors
    2. Tall (5'8") Short (4'8") I'd like just about anywhere in between but from your examples I'd pick short
    3. Bigger backside
    4. Tan
    5. Somewhere in the middle. I don't like childishly silly, but I also don't like super sober
    6. Depends on their figure. Some girls look good in fitted stuff and others in looser cutesy stuff. It will totally depend on what she looks like (and also her personality).
    7. Awkward, I guess.
    8. That'll depend on the girl. Each girl is going to have something I like best about her that's not going to be true about another girl.


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  • 1. Any color that's natural.
    2. Tall.
    3. Athletic with bubble butt.
    4. Whatever she likes.
    5. Silly at times, and serious when needed.
    6. Elegant and appropriate for the occasion.
    7. As long as she's comfortable in her own skin.
    8. That they have the power to inspire the best in me.

  • 1. Green
    2. Short
    3. Slender
    4. Pale
    5. Silly
    6. Athletic
    7. Awkward
    8. They inspire you to be the best person you can be, for them.

  • You didn't say anything about intelligence... That's scary, in fact.

    • Well obviously people are going to want an intelligent partner... These are just random questions, aren't supposed to mean much.

    • That's not so, actually. If it were, over the countless thousands of generations of human development, we'd be a species composed of Einsteins. Intelligence (for me at least) is an attractive factor, but sometimes two intelligent people in a relationship can be difficult if they have a difference of opinion and strong personalities. When one partner is less intelligent, there is often less friction because the partner of lesser intelligence trusts the smarter one to make the right decision.

    • I don't think you have to be a prodigy to be intelligent. Of course i want an intelligent partner. Who would want an ignorant one? Some people just have lower standards but i don't know anyone who PREFERS a lower IQ.. I don't quite get your logic.

  • 1. Doesn't matter a whole lot. Brown is the least preferred though but I couldn't complain
    2. Anywhere that's +/- 6 inches from my height (6'). So Tall.
    3. Gotta have that booty. Of course her body should be healthy too.
    4. Either
    5. I'm already a serious person. Someone who's more light-hearted would be ideal
    6. Anything exotic looking. Punk, gothic, emo, etc. catch my attention the most
    7. If she's awkward but talkative I'll embrace that fully over a shy, quiet girl
    8. That's a tough one... I might have to come back to that later.

  • When the lights are off and you aren't going to be seeing her again anyway, none of that matters.

  • It all depends on the girl.


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