Girl I like is finally allowed to date. how can I step up my game?

I really like this girl. I've like her for about three years. Since 6th grade. when I first told her in 7th grade she said she wasn't allowed to date until highschool. I waited 2 years and now were in highschool. but now I'm just some guy whose never had a girlfriend. I really couldn't imagine dating anyone else either. she's everything I look for in a girl. Also we've grown apart since middle school. When we first met we were friends and talked a lot she was nice to me. But ever since I told her how I felt she wouldn't talk to me the same. She would usually avoid me. When we did talk it was about school and she would only reply with 1 or 2 words. One of our mutual friends said its because I creep her out. I could see why in middle school , because I kind of told a lot of people that I liked her. But now I in highschool and I'm way more mature than that now but she doesn't see that we have almost all of the same classes and hang in the same social circle. Its really awkward. For me at least. But now at least shell occasionally laughs at my jokes. That rarely happens though. So how can I get back to at least being friends like we were in sixth grade? Then once that happens how can I get o a romantic level with her?(especially before some other guy) sorry for the autobiography by the way
Guess I made this too late. She has a boyfriend now :(


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  • Serenade her :) it's sweet


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  • This exactly what happened to me back I was in 7th grade. But, it ended with a big boom. More like she promised me something then the next day, she had a boyfriend. So I called her a bitch and she hated me then almost got into a fight. And she tried to lead me on afterwards, but I was too dumb to think I still may have a chance. Found out that she still hated me all of those time. If it ends like this, then you should tell me.


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