How to tell if a Woman you met on an online dating site wants to meet you?

The signs a woman isn't interested can be very obvious. She doesn't reply (duh) or she answers your questions with one short sentence and doesn't answer any of your questions in her reply. The signs a woman is interested can also be very obvious. She'll message you first and ask a lot of questions, visit your profile everyday, or she'll reply to your message and answer your questions with several detailed paragraphs.

However other times there are women that kinda fall inbetween. For example, I recently had a woman messages me first, asked me several questions. I responded back then she reponded back two days later with a short reply and only asked one question. I assumed she was being polite and didn't respond back, then she started checking my profile several times the next two days. I decided to reply back again and she reply back early the next morning, but it was again a very short message with no questions.

When women like you they talk, so when I get these short messages from women I assume they're not interested, but I supposed I can't expect meeting women online to be the same as meeting them in person. What's the best way to handle situations where a woman has replied several times but you can't tell if she's interested or just being friendly. Normally I would just ask, but she's pretty much giving me nothing to work with. I guess I could just go with some cliche line like "hey that's really interesting. Here's my number, call me and we can chat more about that and maybe even go do something fun ;)".

But then again, if she can't even muster up the interest to type 150-200 words so I can at least have some kind of vague idea the type of person she is, do I even want to go out with her?


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What Girls Said 1

  • If she doesn't cancel on you, she wants to meet you. If she is texting you short messages, she is not that into you. If her responses look like she is bored, she is probably bored.

    • So you think that if it isn't pretty obvious she's interested, then she's probably just bored and spending time on her phone? Or maybe just likes the attention?

    • She likes the attention and/or she is bored as hell.

What Guys Said 1

  • If you do write 3 sentences and she is just replying by typing one sentence or just a few words and doesn't ask you personal questions like "where are you from? etc. then I would just give up and stop talking with her. It's a waste of time and you should not waste your time on someone who is not interested. Instead of this search for another "target" who will be more interesting. However, did you know that 90 % initiators of break ups are women? Why this number is so high? I have found here bestdatingproductreviews. com/the-tao-of-badass-review that it did happen cuz we killed her initial sexual interest in us. When first time I had a girlfriend and she broke up with me I was literally shocked how could she turn so cold on me. Later I have discovered that my knowledge about dating is nearly 0. I thought that I don't need to read these things and now I know I was wrong. While implementing these new skills I have learned there I can clearly see that I'm more confident and not afraid of losing any girl because I know my value.


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