If I don't text him first he won't talk to me at all?

My boyfriend and me have dated three times before this over the span of three years. this time has been almost two months and he is flirting non stop with chicks and hitting their butt or making sex jokes about them right in front of me. also he posts comments on one girls Facebook to text him constantly and its always when I'm trying to get him to reply to mine. I don't get it. is he tired of me or something? he says he loves me more than anything and won't ever leave and he's taking me with him after high school and college... what do I do? I get so jealous... its gotten to the point where I cry every night and have a couple times hurt myself... I talked to him about it and he claims hell do something different or reassures me but the next day it just gets worse... I don't get it... how do I fix this? if I don't text him first he won't talk to me at all and I get lonely hence hurting myself... I really need help.


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  • Okay, listen and try, though hard it may be, to see clearly. He is a player, he does not love you, and he does not know what love is. You don't deserve this, you've done nothing wrong, he should not be doing those things in front of you OR behind your back. Maybe he gets an ego boost out of flirting with other chicks, whatever. He sounds like a douchebag and a terrible boyfriend. If you loved a person you would not be interested in the other girls for one, and two how could you possibly let the person you love cry every night because of you, and even HURT themselves?! You would never. If you WEREN'T jealous, I'd say you didn't even care. Because in this situation, how else would you be besides hurt and jealous? DON'T try to fix this. Leave him. Regardless of how much he begs or insists things will change. If he's said it more than once, and things DON'T change, believe me- I know- they WON'T change. Don't believe him. He isn't worth your time. It will hurt without him for a while but eventually you will see it's true. And please, DON'T hurt yourself anymore. NEVER hurt yourself, for someone else or for even things you feel you've done wrong. There are always other ways. Talk to someone about it- friends/family/anyone. Try to find an outlet. If you're like me, you might enjoy a punching bag, or perhaps something else. Channel the pain. But not into physical pain. That is NEVER the answer. You're not dealing with it, you're simply distracting from it, in a very negative and unhealthy way. It leads to you feeling worthless. You are not. He IS.

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