He said he would "get back to me" about our 2nd date?

I met up w/this guy from online dating & I thought it went well, we had lunch & afterwards he asked if I wanted to get dessert... the whole date lasted several hours. He also mentioned future possible date ideas. The day after I texted him saying it was nice meeting him (I know it's taboo for a girl to do but oh well). He texted back saying, "I had a good time, let's set something up for this weekend!" When I said ok & asked what he wanted to do, he said "let me think about it & get back to you". It's been 2 days & nothing, am I being too anxious?


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  • Wait a little longer before getting stressed about it. He may be busy or thinking of potential places you could go together.

    Only start to be concerned if the weekend comes and he doesn't get in touch , or if he makes an excuse why he can't see you. Personally, i would leave the ball in his court now. Don't initiate anymore contact. See if he gets in touch , without you pursuing him.

    • Thanks for MHO 💐💜 xx

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