First real date since breakup? Help?

Okay so I'm going out for drinks with this guy I met online Saturday, it will be my first date since my break up back in October. Now I'm freakkng out, I've been with guys since but not for the romantic sense.

Now im worried all he's after is a bit of fun! What are some tips to make this date a success? I don't want it to come off as a casual fling? I'm freakkng out a little!


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  • I went for over a year and half with out a date after a huge break up... it can be a bit weird, but maybe I was more over my break up after that time than you are so it was fine.

    Having met my own girlfriend online (tinder believe it or not) I have a few tips for a first date. For one, something casual like drinks or a small lunch. You have never met this person in real life, and there is a big possibility you won't click as well as you would think, so this way you can bail out early with out wasting too much time and money.

    Secondly, don't even think of it as a date! think of it as just feeling him out, leave dinner and an activity for the second time you meet up. It takes away loads of pressure, and making him go out a second time dramatically cuts down on the likely hood he just wants to hook up, but you won't know that for a like a month truly...


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  • Don't worry about it. Tell him during the date that you're not interested in casual flings.


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