Did I do the right thing?

I haven't seen my boyfriend for a week because I was away, he knew that I really missed him and we had plans to see each other the day after I get home, but then he asked me if he could go to work instead to help out a friend and make some money because he just bought a car and is lacking in the cash department, but that he'd still see me if I wanted him to and to just be honest about it, I told him I didn't mind but I said it in a way that interpreted otherwise, so then he said that he wouldn't go because he knows I'm upset and would rather see me and that he'd be seeing me tomorrow whether I like it or not, which is a really, really sweet thing of him to do, but was it rude of me to not be approving of him working and also on top of that, he's not going to another shift this week so he can see me, am I a terrible girlfriend? :( I always encourage him to put work, study and all of that stuff before me, but he doesn't, and I'm selfish enough for that to make me happy


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  • If it's not too late, encourage him to take the shift and tell him what you want to do later this week (movie, dinner whatever ).

    You're not a terrible girlfriend, you definitely understand that relationships are give and take.


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