My Long distance Boyfriend will not talk about a problem?

I'm in a long distance relationship. My boyfriend has 3 kids that he is rasing full time. His ex just enter the picture the other day after being absent for almost 2 years... (well she would show up for holidays) she and him had a talk about me and our relationship. He text me some of the converstation. Well I can't get him to talk about it I can't get him to call me. I have called him and it just goes to his voice mail. He will text me and say he is busy with the kids and he knows we need to talk but right now not the time. this have been going on for 4 days now. I just want to know what's going on. Do I keep asking to speak to him about this or just sit back and let him handle and he will call and tell me whats going on. I'm a very impatient person. I know he care for me because if he didn't he could have just said it over through a text. Please help!!!


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  • Find another boyfriend, seriously this one has baggage and complications.


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  • Do you trust him? Because you're in a LDR and you're not with him. So you're likely to feel insecure and like he might be hiding something. Just be patient and he'll reply when he is not busy.

    • I trust him very much, his divorce states that he should not have any over night guest of the opposite sex well I have been going over for the last 8 months without a problem but now he told me that she has said something about it. So I told he we need to talk and he said he know but I can't get him to talk to me. I don't know what was said and how we could fix the problem. We are very careful in front of the kids we don't hug or kiss or do any anything to affect them. This Kids love me very much. He also stated he thinks the ex is jealous of me b/c the 8 year old has been talking to her about me. Then the ex started showing up move b/c of me. Just would like to know what was said.

    • Thankyou :)
      I think she is stirring up problems for him and he doesn't want to upset/tense you. Just give him time and show him you are there for him

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  • Hmm.. He could be spending time with her. He could see what could happen between them.. see if they could become a family or some sort. The fact that it keeps going straight to voice mail it'd be a red flag for me.

    • I asked him if he wanted to get back with her and he told me there is not getting back with her... she left him with 3 kids for 2 years. I guess I will just wait and see what happens

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