Is it just me or am I making a big deal over nothing?

Let me just start off by saying my boyfriend has two baby mommas. The first one is crazy and has issues. The second one is nice and no issues. Well my boyfriend and I have been together for 4 months and ever since we started dating his nice baby momma has always liked everything on his Facebook and would add pics of their son and tag him in them. I'm fine with the pics of their son and her tagging him but what I'm not cool with is her liking everything he posts pretty much as soon as he posts it. I don't even get a chance to be the first one to like anything she always is. Two months ago I told him it bothered me bc she is married and has an older daughter and their son with no job. He tells me that Facebook is her life and this is what she does that's why she changes her pictures so much and is constantly on. I said I get that but why your page. She even posts things on his page like I saw this and it reminded me of you. I took what he said and tried to get over it but now they are both doing it to him. I feel like they are stalking him and he is always defending them because he has a kid with them and doesn't want to "start drama". Am I just being crazy or is all this wrong and should I say something again? If I need to say something what should I say because I feel even if I do he won't do anything about it. I also feel if I say something though he will just continue to defend them. What do I do or am I wrong for how I feel?
I realize these girls are ways going to be a part of his life because they have a kid with him but really how much of his life do they need to be a part of?


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  • I think his explanation that the nice one is merely an FB addict who lives on there makes sense. Before you even wrote that he said that, I thought she's probably on all the time and "likes" whatever pops up on her feed. There are people like that. While I can see why it annoys you, I wouldn't read too much into it.

    I'm not sure what you can do aside from just accept it. I mean as long as this is only on FB and they don't bother you aside from FB, I think you should just try to ignore it. If you cannot do that, perhaps ask him to put them on a limited profile so they can't see all his posts and post on his wall. Since they both have kids with him, they will always be around (as you also said) so you should try to ignore these things as much as you can.

    • I know and that's why I'm trying so hard to not let it bother me because it's only a Facebook thing.

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    • How do you deal with it and not let it get to you?

    • It is hard sometimes. I have freaked out on more than one occasion. But in the end, I tell myself she's not worth it so try to ignore she even exists. Like I said, it's easier for me though because they don't have any kids so they don't HAVE to be in touch.

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  • No, it would be kinda awkward.

    • So what do I do?

    • Be the third baby momma. Then you could join all their conversations.

    • Lol!

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