Girls, 16-20, could you date a guy your age who had no hair?

I developed a type of alopecia that is confined to the scalp, I lost a lot of hair and the only option is to shave it all off bald, a lot of friends and even some girls say I look really good, luckily I'll keep my eyebrows but still I'm a smaller guy and my skin tone is very light so I'm not some model bald guy, and I'm only 18 I mean what girl around my age wants to date a guy with no hair? And please don't do a looks don't matter answer, they do for me, I need to find a girl physically attractive and don't disrepect a girl needing an attractive guy too.
So please happy feel good answers just be straightforward.
  • I could date a bald guy at this age, it's not a big deal to me
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  • I couldn't honestly, it's a turnoff for me
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Whoops meant 'no feel good answers' I don't want feel good answers I want cold honesty and picture if a bald guy actually approached you before saying yes, think how you'd respond


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  • I actually know a guy like this and he just got married. It's no big deal, you don't break up with someone (or agree to go out with someone) based on heir hairstyle

    • True but looks are a key factor to be honest, and how old was this guy and his wife though?

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    • What I meant is some guys hair is dark enough you can see the roots in the shape of the balding pattern that most guys get when old, if you seen that would it be a turb off? You can kinda see my shadow which is why I ask

    • Ohhhh yeah no that wouldn't bother me at all lol it may make me think you are older than you are but other than that I would not care

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  • One of my biggest crushes is Karim Metwaly... He's going bald! But I still love him! He's so hansome ♡♡♡♡
    Also If you really really like him or love with, WHY DO YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE BY THEIR APPEARANCE?

    • I just feel like young women/girls won't really like the bald guy, looks do matter

    • So then they need to be as pretty beautiful as a model to have a great point to deny a boy like that ^^

    • You mean the girls would have to be? I don't understand..
      If it is what you meant I admit I do have higher standards even on looks, but I'm not some player guy I only want one, helll I even wouldn't mind waiting for marriage for sex so I'm not some completely shallow guy but looks do factor and are a must, however there have been girls I thought were very beautiful my friends were just like 'eh she's pretty but that's it' so they aren't all model-esqe haha. I'm not a huge fan of the numbering system but it's the only way to give context to standards sometimes, I'd have to think the girl is a 7 at least to be attracted Id say, and many people think the same. I hope you don't think me too shallow but I'm just being straighforward.

  • Meh, not a big deal honestly.

  • If he was attractive and had a good personality then of course. That goes for guys both bald and with hair.

    Plenty of girls like bald guys, some even prefer them.

    Since you have eyebrows, one thing you can do is make sure they're well shaped. Girl won't even notice you're bald.

  • No, sorry. I would be turned off.


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