Do alcohol make people jealous?

At a friend's party, My girlfriend downs an entire bottle of vodka with another random girl. After 15 minutes, the girl is throwing up, so I decide (as the only sober one) to give the girl some lemon juice to help her, and as she's telling me how she actually feels better, my girlfriend takes her thanking me as her hitting on me, and out of nowhere starts to hit the girl repeatedly in the head and face, then starts to choke her. As I lift my girlfriend off the girl and take her home, she listens to me yell at her but has a blank, cold, non-remorseful look on her face and told me she didn't care. She apologized the next day and seemed nicer than usual which made me really think she was sorry.. Should I still be worried tho? Do alcohol make people jealous and aggressive?


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  • I think there's some correlation between alcohol consumption and testosterone increase; so it may cause aggression. I think for the most part, it lowers our inhibitions enough for us to exhibit tendencies we already have, that lay dormant whilst we're sober...


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  • Jealous and aggressive? Yes. Especially the aggressive part. If the vodka was "downed" quickly that tends to bring out the worst in people.


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