Girls, How should I word this question to her?

So it was the girl that I'm dating's first day back at school, (we go to diff schools) and I doubt many people know about us since we only recently started dating (last week). Now I'm really into this girl and she is gorgeous so I'm worried that she is going to get swarmed with guys. I don't want to seem jelous but I am very jelous. How could I word a question that goes something like, "did you get hit on a lot today?" With ought looking really jelous or nosey, or should I just not ask at all?
Sorry for the spelling errors, Damm autocrrect😄


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  • Lol so cute.

    I think you should just say, "Hey beautiful, how was your day other than getting hit on by all the guys?"

    This makes you appear A) Confident and B) not Jealous

    Once you start to seem insecure or jealous, it will push her away. If she's pretty, of course she will get hit on a lot. But that shouldn't break your trust in her or what you have. I get hit on all the time, and it doesn't make me any less faithful to my fiancé or love him any less. Just trust her and trust what you both have together. Just treat her like a Queen and make her your priority, so no other guy is going to have the chance to catch her eye because she's too busy appreciating how you treat her. She's not going to go for second best if she has the best!


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  • Maybe "did anyone give you a problem today?" If she really likes you she will ignore the other guys :)

  • dont ask at all.


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