Guys would you date a girl that has anxiety?

I have really bad anxiety at times. Perioids where I feel suffocated and like I can't breathe. I'm working through it with a therapist but, even so? I'm a completely normal person other than this.


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  • You wouldn't believe how many times this question is asked on this site by both genders.

    Google: girlsaskguys dating anxiety

    • I actually have not seen this question once.

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    • I just fucking said I don't have dating anxiety. I have anxiety. Period. Learn how to fucking read.

    • What kind of idiot are you?

      You're asking guys will they date a girl with anxiety, so common sense SHOULD direct your dumbass to seek out others struggling with your same problems.

      If a guy is asking, "girls would you date someone with anxiety?" why wouldn't you read that, there are more than 1 links about that.

      Some people you just can't help & you wonder why you're failing in life :)

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  • Not a guy just offering a hug *hug* i have the same issue. There are sweet wonderful guys who don't care i promise

    • Thanks girl. I feel hopeless sometimes.

  • I have a little social/people anxiety. My boyfriend puts up with it though it's difficult sometimes for him because he's the biggest social butterfly

    • My anxiety is random.

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