Should I end things now or wait a little bit longer?

I work in a deli at an office building that holds many companies. During lunch there is always a group of young attractive businessmen that come in, and I've had a pay strong flirtation with one of them for going on 6 months. A week ago he struck up the courage to ask me out, and we've seen each other 3 times now.

He's cute, friendly, and sweet. But sometimes I feel we have nothing in common. I was raised in the big city that we worknow in. And yet he's traveled the world, but is from a small town and some things that are simple to me are totally foreign to him. Making things awkward.

Tonight, on our third date, things got physical for the dust time. Just cuddling during a movie but at the end of the night he kissed me and I literally felt nothing. Just more awkward. Only problem is that he keeps expressing how into me he is. He says over and over how much he likes me and how pretty I am.

I've been actively dating other guys and have felt more in one date than I have with this guy in 3.

Only problem is, if I break things off, I don't know where he'll go for lunch. He'd have to leave the building. I also work right by their breakroom and the parking ramp elevators so seeing me would be totally unavoidable for him.

Should I just wait it out and see if I start to feel more? Or end things before they get much deeper?


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  • you should end things.


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